Thursday, July 2, 2009

Beach Baby

Beaches and food go together so well. Barbeque chicken skewers, roasted peppers, pasta salad, chocolate chip cookies. Mmm. Last Sunday was the birthday of one of my best friends. We celebrated in style at Jericho Beach, where this picture was taken. Another friend made the most disgustingly awesome birthday cake: a double layer of two-bite brownies cemented into a cake shape with chocolate frosting and decorated with, you guessed it, more chocolate. As the day wore on, it melted into a sinfully sweet goo in the sun. Someone's dog got into the cake around 8 pm, which was probably for the best (although not for the dog, I can imagine!).
Eating somewhat healthy for other meals may be a good option. My go-to breakfast drink: one banana, two strawberries, and half a cup to a cup of milk. Blend. I know two strawberries doesn't sound like a lot, but it keeps the banana flavour from disappearing. Extra hot day? Add ice.

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