Friday, July 16, 2010

Grapes and Sun

Just got back from our 2nd annual trip to BC's Okanagan. Perfect small town BC getaway: fabulous scenery, local wine, lots of Dairy Queen.
(how had I never had a Peanut Buster Bar? I digress.)

Above, Road 13. They have a castle!

One Malbec for the wine rack.

Also had some Cabernet Franc, my new favourite wine.

The lake from Soaring Eagle.

Didn't check my email for 3 whole days. Didn't get burned. Perfection!


  1. The Okanagan is the best. Have you been to Quails' Gate, Mission Hill, or Burrowing Owl? They had some of the best views. Though nothing compares to Le Vieux Pin's Pinot! I digress. My point is, I love everything BC has to offer and am glad another blogger lives here and obviously enjoys it as much as I do. Now we can join forces and convert people to BC-ism.

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