Sunday, November 28, 2010

House Red

I am in the liquor store, buying two bottles of my current House Red, Montalto Nero D'Avola Cab Sauv, which was on sale for a ridiculously low $10.99. For Canada, that is cheap. It is worth more.

The cashier says, "Can I see two pieces of ID?" I think she has said "Are you going to a Christmas Party?" I say, "No, they're on sale!"

She gives me a very, very blank stare and repeats herself. I sheepishly pass over my driver's license. My boyfriend, waiting outside with our dog, taps on the glass and laughs. "She's 30!" he mouths.


  1. This happens to me. And if I forget my id, forget it, I'm going home sans wine. No way I'm convincing anyone I'm past 21. Even if I tell them to look closer, I'm getting wrinkles!

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  3. No way I'm convincing anyone I'm past 21.