Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Things my boyfriend and I have argued about: Interior decoration*

My boyfriend's style is Asian/modern/huge pieces of dark wood furniture and mine is hand-me-down antiques/yellow walls/old European travel posters. 

He has ceded the den to me and I have ceded the living room to him, but the bedroom is ground zero. However, we are learning to compromise, and the Internet is helping. 

Recently, we bought Nichole's collection Paris in Black for the bedroom.

(In the background, we have dark wood + Moorcroft. Compromise.)

*Title inspired by this funny book.


  1. Enjoyed reading this. Now my boyfriend and I argue about football! We support rival teams. http://chroniclesofchloegreene.blogspot.com/

  2. agreeing on decorating is hard. sam buys every painting, photo or carved image of a fish he ever lays his hands on; i, on the other hand, keep filling our small brooklyn apartment with more and more glass cloches and cake stands. really, no one wins.

  3. ohh i like that! my boyfriend and i just bought a house, and its pretty hard trying to figure out what styles and ideas we both like! i think it'll take a little while to figure out what is 'us'.