Friday, February 25, 2011


I love this scarf from local designer Smoking Lily because of its colour and because it's silkscreened with the face of Pierre Elliot Trudeau,

awesome Canadian Prime Minister, human rights-protector and stylin' guy. Here he is at a football game in 1970. Swoon.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Meiji jingu

While in Tokyo, I went to the Shinto shrine of Meiji-jingu. It reminded me a lot of Parc Mont-Royal in Montreal, where I lived for a year. Huge, beautiful, peaceful, well-used by local people, and holding its own next to the hectic city.

A wedding party.



Last fall, I went to Asia for work with my fantastic Japanese-speaking Korean friend Jenna. Early in the morning on my last day in Tokyo, Jenna took me to Asakusa. Above, looking down the shopping street leading to the Buddhist temple.

Classy lantern-billboards.

(Note: shop in Korea. Especially at the Lotte department store. And tie your trenchcoat in the back like the Korean girls. Revolutionary. You will look polished and not struggle with your belt.)