Saturday, November 24, 2012

November eats

It's November here in Vancouver. Most days have been grey and rainy, but some look like this:
By the end of summer, I am usually tired of grilled food and salads, and ready for some heartier dishes. Here's what I've been cooking:
Paula Deen's cinnamon rolls, first spotted here. I go easy on the sugar/butter filling because I like them to be a bit lighter. The coffee shop down the street makes theirs with mini blueberries. I tried a second batch that way and they were delicious.

These pancetta, white bean and chard pot pies may be the best things I have eaten this Fall. Creamy, salty, crunchy, bacony goodness. They're pretty rich, so I halved the dough recipe and drained some of the pancetta fat. I made them once with bacon and once with pancetta. Both were divine.

These meatballs were another Saveur winner.

This soup was hearty and healthy. I added a can of white beans, as some of the comments suggested.

What are your favourite recipes for this time of year?